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Part 2 of Our First Backpacking Trip…or, What Happened Next!

So, where were we? Oh right, we had made it. We were backpackers. Or were we?

We got to the site, set up everything and then came 1’s non-stop talking. Man I love him! He was my first baby, only boy, and I still never feel prepared to parent him.

Did I mention he talks non-stop? I do not. I am an introvert. Don’t get me wrong, I can hold my own in conversations, but I definitely need my quiet time.

1 is not like that. At. All.

I just wanted to rest, and listen to nothing but the sounds around us…eerily quiet as they were. All 1 felt or seemed, was energized. He was with just Momma, now was his time to talk to me about everything he never has, in his 9 years of life…or so it seemed to me.

We hiked, he talked. For the most part I listened…I won’t lie, I tuned out some of the time. I mean, I had to concentrate on not having a *heart attack, right?

Have you ever seen lists of what to bring when camping..they always seem to list earplugs. I now know why. Every sound I heard put me on high alert. What was that? Was our food going to be okay in the tree? Was there an animal around us?

I think I slept for about two hours total that night.

Have I been complaining this whole time? Yikes, really there were some great things about the trip too!

For starters, we got to bond. We haven’t been together, just Momma and baby boy, since he was, well, a baby. It was a fabulous experience–we bonded over swimming all day in the St. Croix River, finding and sometimes stumbling over boulders in the water. We picked out really pretty rocks as they washed up on the shore–flushed by the waves from a boat going by. We took a “shortcut” trail which ended up being a bit tricky to traverse, but was hilariously fun…after we made it down with just a few scrapes. We yelled “Hello!” to Wisconsin (the other side of the river). Made a few friends, Hazard and Caution, which I believe were ground bees digging holes in the site and saw a Momma Turkey and her young. 

While I am quite sure I would like to try backpacking again, I really need to make sure I am in better shape, or at least choose a hike that is not as treacherous. And maybe make sure 1 understands that I need some quiet time 🙂

Even with all of the downs of the trip, the ups definitely outweighed them. And even with all of 1’s talking, I was happy. We were bonding. All was right with my world.

So don’t hesitate to try something new even if it is out of your comfort zone. Show your kiddos that it is fun to try new things, and learn about yourselves in the process!

Have fun out there Mommas!

*see Backpacking-Part 1

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