Happy New Year!

Wow, what an end-of-the-year!

I think I started writing posts about 5 times. But alas, here we are.

Is everyone frozen? It is cold up here in the north tundra-okay, we aren’t really that far north, but it feels that way sometimes.

I think the coldest it has gotten was -15°F. Brrr.

Cold Temps in Minnesota

That ain’t right. Right?

So, this outdoor-loving family has not been able to love the outdoors lately. At temps like these, it is just too dangerous to be outside.

I feel for the rest of the country too, it should NOT be cold in the south! We can handle it, or are better equipped to handle it anyway.

What do you do when it is winter and you really can’t go outside? 

You improvise!

  • Bake
    • Delish has some awesome kid-friendly recipes!
  • Play games
    • Twister was a go to for us, and by us I mean my kiddos. I was usually the spinner, and when I got bored with that I just started calling out what I thought might be fun to see them twist into…I need fun too!
  • Read
    • Did your kiddos bring home any good books for the winter break? Reading is always entertaining in my head!
  • Watch movies
    • Here we come Netflix! Or, re-watch some of the oldies but goodies. I still know Finding Nemo by heart!
  • Go to movies
    • Is anyone else getting bummed by the “new” buy your seats ahead of time? There is no longer the spontaneity with going to the movies. But, it is still something fun to do with the kids.
  • Try to get that exercise out indoors…while not killing the cats 😉

Screenshot_2018-01-02-18-00-43 (1)

What kinds of indoor fun do you do?

Hang in there MommaBears! We can get through this winter together!

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