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Winter Fun! Wait, isn’t that an Oxymoron?

Well, it snowed. Though not technically the first snow of the season, it is the first snow the kids are actually able to play with. Or sit in and eat. I really want to believe it is beautiful...truly. It is pretty. But I, like a lot of people in Minnesota, have a hard time with… Continue reading Winter Fun! Wait, isn’t that an Oxymoron?

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First Backpacking Trip! part 1

So, kiddo number one, only by age, and I went backpacking a few months ago. It interesting experience. I researched, researched, and then researched some more--big surprise right!?! We, and by "we" I mean I, finally settled on Afton State Park. There are a few reasons for this: For starters, being that this was… Continue reading First Backpacking Trip! part 1

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Mothers Day Fun!

Happy Happy Mothers Day to all you Mommas out there! I got my fantastic present a week early, not to brag but my hubs gives the best gifts! I got.....drumroll....a lemon tree!! I. Am. Excited! Yes, I in Minnesota is not conducive to growing lemon trees. That's why I am going to keep it… Continue reading Mothers Day Fun!

Outside Fun!

Getting Outside When You Can’t Go Anywhere.

Have you ever had those times when you just cannot find a moment to actually go to a park, or hiking, or somewhere--anywhere outside? Me too. Sometimes you just need to stay around the house for a day of yard work. But you still want to find ways to make the work fun, and make the… Continue reading Getting Outside When You Can’t Go Anywhere.