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Happy New Year!

Wow, what an end-of-the-year! I think I started writing posts about 5 times. But alas, here we are. Is everyone frozen? It is cold up here in the north tundra-okay, we aren’t really that far north, but it feels that way sometimes. I think…

First Backpacking Trip! part 1

So, kiddo number one, only by age, and I went backpacking a few months ago. It was…an interesting experience. I researched, researched, and then researched some more–big surprise right!?! We, and by “we” I mean I, finally settled on Afton State Park. There are…

Hiking with Kids: What You Need to Know

We love hiking…almost as much as camping. There are some important things that definitely make the experience better. Here is a short list of things to think about before your next hiking excursion with your kiddos. Know your kiddos I know, I know…we all…

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